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Looking to play the lottery? You've come to the right place!

You can now play more than 50 world lotteries online from any country on the planet.

Keep everything you win, and you can play as often or as little as you like. It's all safe, secure, legal and fun!

Lotteries from all around the world are now open for you to play.

From the most popular in the USA to European, Australian, and even Brazilian lotto games - they are all listed on World Lottery Site for you to win!

You can take a look at more information on how to buy lottery tickets online if you're not sure how it works.

How to play World Lottery

It's easy!

Choose the World Lottery you want to play from a huge choice of worldwide lotto games.

Enter your lucky numbers and buy your lottery tickets online with your phone, tablet, or computer.

You can play just once, play every week, or even join a syndicate!

Enter a Lottery!

Play from anywhere in the World

Anyone can play world lotteries!

Whether you live in Australia and want to play the big American Lotteries or you're an English player who wants to play the Brazilian Mega Sena, it's easy!

Purchase a world Lottery ticket and when you win you get to keep it all! No matter how big your win is.

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World Lotto Jackpots

US Flag Texas Lotto $36M Play Now! US Flag Texas Lotto Extra $36M Play Now! Australia Flag Australia Powerball Lotto $27M Play Now! US Flag Mega Millions $20M Play Now! France Flag France Loto Special Draw $13M Play Now! Spain Flag Spain La Primitiva $11M Play Now!

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Dec 19th
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Dec 15th
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Nov 22nd
You're invited to a big lottery party

You're invited to a big lotto party

Nov 17th
US Powerball jackpot stands at $1.9 billion

Powerball jackpot stands at $1.9 billion

Nov 6th
Powerball Fever is Sweeping the Globe

Powerball Fever is Sweeping the Globe

Nov 2nd
US Powerball Reaches $700 million

Powerball lottery reaches $700 million

Oct 26th
Powerball hot on everyone's lips

Powerball hot on everyone's lips

Oct 23rd
$500m US PowerballJackpot up for grabs

$500m Powerball jackpot up for grabs

Oct 19th
Where can you play Mega Millions online?

Where can I play Mega Millions lottery online from outside the USA?

Oct 11th

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More about World Lottery Tickets

The biggest jackpot games tend to be the USA based lotteries, primarily Powerball, and Mega Millions.

Jackpots can easily reach $500 million-plus and have topped a billion dollars in the last year. Crazy numbers!

Play Powerball and Mega Millions

European jackpots aren't to be taken lightly though, with EuroMillions - a pan-European game available to players all over the continent - and Italy's famous SuperEnaLotto among the biggest and most popular games on that side of the Atlantic.

Sometimes though, it can pay to look for the 'smartest' jackpot. That means the prize that you have the most chance of winning, at least statistically!

These can be any jackpots around the world, from Australian Powerball to Brazil's ever-popular MegaSena.

So keep an eye out for the latest big jackpots, and you might be in for a surprise!

Anyone Can Play

That's right, thanks to, anyone around the World can play any of the lottery games listed on this site!

TheLotter is a completely legal ticket buying service that will purchase tickets on your behalf. They have been online since 2002, are 100% safe and secure, and have paid out to over 5 million happy winners.

Even if you're in India, the UK, or Australia - and want to play the huge American jackpots - you can. Simply purchase your ticket online and you'll receive a scanned copy of the real ticket in your account before the draw takes place.

Winnings are paid straight into your account!