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Play Italian SuperStar Lottery

About Italian SuperStar Lottery

The Italian SuperStar Lottery is a super lottery to play!

The game plays alongside the world-famous Italian SuperEnalotto game giving players the chance to win additional prizes for an additional fee.

First prize is a €2 million top-up to a regular match-6 SuperEnalotto jackpot with the SuperStar, and third prize is a €1 million boost to SuperEnalotto’s 5+Jolly second place prize.

Enter Italian SuperStar Lottery

It's all about matching the SuperStar number which you select from numbers between 1 and 90 alongside SuperEnalotto numbers as standard.

Matching the SuperStar on a winning SuperEnalotto ticket can also grow other SuperEnalotto prizes by between 25-100 times. The SuperStar has its unique rewards for 2+PB, 1+PB and 0+PB, giving a total of 14 prize divisions!

How to play Italian SuperStar Lottery

Play the Italian SuperStar Lottery by selecting six main numbers from a guess range of 1-90 and an additional number called the SuperStar, also from a guess range of 1-90.

Match the six main numbers drawn in the regular SuperEnalotto draw and the additional SuperStar number, and you win not only the SuperEnalotto jackpot but also the €2 million SuperStar prize!

As there is no SuperEnalotto jackpot cap, there is no limit how big your SuperEnalotto SuperStar prize can be. With a chance of an award from 14 levels, it has to be worth a go.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights at 19:00 GMT.

To show it can be done, big winners include A.K. from Latvia. This player won €578,080 in Italy’s SuperEnalotto SuperStar with an 8-number systematic form that produced 74 winning lines out of the 84 bought online at theLotter.

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Can I play from outside Italy?

Yes! While the SuperEnalotto SuperStar is the official lottery of Italy when you play SuperStar with us, an official ticket will be purchased on your behalf in the country.

Once your ticket is purchased, it will be scanned and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the draw on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published. Big Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

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  1. Select six main numbers from a guess range of 1-90
  2. Select the SuperStar, also from a guess range of 1-90
  3. Enjoy prizes from 14 levels
  4. No need to subscibe and you keep all you win!

Remember, with TheLotter and World Lottery Site, you can enjoy Italian lottery games from almost any country!

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