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About El Gordo Lottery

One look at the Spanish El Gordo de La Primitiva lottery and it's easy to see why it's a firm favourite in it's native country and with world lottery players.

We see brilliant jackpots throughout the year and the extra Reintegro number adds excitement for winners of secondary prize divisions and when it is matched, allows for a refund of the ticket price.

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Organised by the official Spanish lottery organization (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) the El Gordo lottery has been giving 45% of profits to good causes in Spain since the game we know today was released to the public in 1993.

Never far from lottery headlines the El Gordo lottery promises a starting jackpot of €5 million and enjoys frequent rollovers which build up to some if its biggest prizes such as the lottery’s record 2011 jackpot of  €33,024,545.

How to play El Gordo Lottery

To play the Spanish El Gordo Lottery select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1-54 and an additional Reintegro number from a guess range of 0-9.

To win the jackpot all 5 main numbers and the Reintegro number must match all the numbers drawn. 

As well as the jackpot level the Reintegro number which is drawn from a different drum comes into play for four secondary prizes at levels three, five, seven and nine.

Just like the Spanish lottery BonoLoto and the La Primitiva lotto, matching the Reintegro in the El Gordo draw results in a refund of the ticket cost. If you are playing from outside Spain at theLotter the refund is less their service fee.

Boasting nine prize divisions, the El Gordo lottery is well worth a go, the draw takes place on Sunday's at 12:00 GMT, 13:00 local time in Spain.

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Remember, if you are playing from outside Spain that ticket sales at theLotter close a few hours before the draw and don't forget to factor in the time difference from the country you are playing online from.

Like all the world lotteries we feature you can choose your numbers using your Lucky Numbers, manually, or by using random numbers with the QuickPick feature and enter with a one-time regular entry, subscription, or multi-draw package, the choice is yours.

The best part? You really do keep all you win, no commission is ever taken from winnings when you play online through the World Lottery Site and theLotter.

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Can I play from outside Spain?

Yes! When you play the Spanish El Gordo Lotto with us, an official ticket will be purchased on your behalf in Spain.

Once your ticket is purchased, it will be scanned and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the next scheduled draw.

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published. Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

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