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Friday29 December 2023
11 27 30 62 70 10Megaball 3Megaplier


About Mega Millions

MegaMillions Lottery

Mega Millions is one of the two largest lottery games in the USA.

Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11pm EST in Atlanta, Georgia, and tickets cost $2 each.

You need to pick 5 correct numbers from 70, and one 'Mega Ball' number from 25 to win the jackpot.

Enter Mega Millions

For an extra $1, you can buy into the 'Megaplier', which will multiply your win by the Megaplier number (for non-jackpot only).

This lottery has one of the highest winning odds of any, but that means the jackpots can reach astronomical sums - often over $1 billion dollars.

When is the draw?

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Hot and Cold Mega Millions Numbers

Find out which numbers have been drawn the most (and the least) in the last 100 draws of the US Mega Millions lotto game.

This can help lottery players to pick their numbers by either riding a number on a hot streak (for example drawn 15 or more times in the last 100 draws), or picking numbers that have barely been drawn and therefore might be "due" (for example drawn only once in the last 100 draws).

Last 100 Draws

Main numbers only

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


History of the Mega Millions Lotto

Mega Millions billion dollar jackpot

Mega Millions began life as The Big Game back in 1996 and is played in 44 US states. You can play here at World Lottery Site from anywhere in the World though!

The first drawing of MM as we know it today was in 2002.

The largest jackpot in the history of this famous American lottery was an astonishing $1.537 billion, on October 23 2018. There was one fortunate winner from a ticket purchased in South Carolina.

Largest Jackpots

Other jackpots have hit $656 million (2012) and $648 million (2013). There have been plenty of other winners over $500M in this blockbuster lotto game.

These figures are all the full jackpot, taken as an annuity. If the winner chooses to take a one-time cash payment, the jackpot is less.

List of Biggest Jackpots by Cash Value

$878M October 23, 2018 1 winner
$474M March 30, 2012 3 winners
$378M July 8, 2016 1 winner
$347M December 17, 2013 2 winners
$320M July 24, 2018 1 winner

Play Mega Millions

How to Play

Mega Millions Mobile

Playing Mega Millions is really easy. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Join TheLotter
  2. Pick five main numbers between 1 and 70
  3. Pick a Mega Ball between 1 and 25
  4. Prizes start from matching only the Mega Ball!
  5. Claim any prize up to a year after the draw!
  6. Check your Mega Millions Numbers

Remember, with TheLotter and World Lottery Site, you can enjoy the Mega Millions game from any country!

Play Now!

Can I play from outside the USA?

Yes! While Mega Millions is played in 44 US states (plus D.C. and the US Virgin Islands), when you play with us, an official ticket will be purchased on your behalf in the USA.

Once your ticket is purchased, it will be scanned and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the draw on Tuesday or Friday.

Mega Millions Lotto Tickets

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published.

Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

Give it a go!

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Recent Mega Millions Results

Friday29 December 2023
11 27 30 62 70 10Megaball 3Megaplier
Tuesday26 December 2023
8 10 22 58 64 21Megaball 3Megaplier
Friday22 December 2023
10 26 36 54 69 4Megaball 4Megaplier
Tuesday19 December 2023
17 26 50 58 61 11Megaball 3Megaplier
Friday15 December 2023
10 20 28 40 54 12Megaball 2Megaplier

Full Historical Results

More MegaMillions Info

Mega Millions started its life as The Big Game in 1996, before being renamed to The Big Game Mega Millions in 2002.

The game is offered in all but two states of the US, but can also be played anywhere in the World by signing up with!

The minimum jackpot offering for this lotto game is $40 million (paid in 30 yearly graduated installments). Jackpot winners have the option to take a lesser cash lump sum, too.

Historical Game Formats

Starting Date Pick 5 White Balls
From Field of
Pick 1 Gold (Mega) Ball
From Field of
Jackpot odds
September 6, 1996 50 25 1: 52,969,000
January 13, 1999 50 36 1: 76,275,360
May 15, 2002 52 52 1: 135,145,920
June 22, 2005 56 46 1: 175,711,536
October 19, 2013 75 15 1: 258,890,850
October 28, 2017 70 25 1: 302,575,350

About the Megaplier

Players can add $1 to their ticket price, activating the'Megaplier' option.

This multiplies any non-jackpot prize by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. The Megaplier number is drawn separately by the Texas Lottery using a random number generator.

Mega Millions Jackpot History

December 8th 2023 $395M
October 6th 2023 $360M
August 15th 2023 $36M
August 8th 2023 $1,580M
April 18th 2023 $20M
April 14th 2023 $476M
January 31st 2023 $31M
January 24th 2023 $31M
January 17th 2023 $20M
January 13th 2023 $1,350M
October 14th 2022 $494M
July 29th 2022 $1,337M
April 15th 2022 $20M
April 12th 2022 $106M
March 8th 2022 $126M
January 28th 2022 $421M
October 22nd 2021 $108M
September 21st 2021 $432M
June 8th 2021 $56M
May 21st 2021 $515M
February 16th 2021 $96M
January 22nd 2021 $1,000M
September 15th 2020 $119M
July 31st 2020 $22M
July 24th 2020 $124M
June 9th 2020 $410M
February 11th 2020 $202M
December 17th 2019 $372M
September 24th 2019 $227M
July 23rd 2019 $168M
June 7th 2019 $530M
March 12th 2019 $50M
March 1st 2019 $267M
January 1st 2019 $425M
October 23rd 2018 $1,537M
January 5th 2018 $450M
October 13th 2017 $43M
September 22nd 2017 $104M
August 11th 2017 $393M
April 28th 2017 $61M
March 31st 2017 $174M
January 27th 2017 $188M
October 11th 2016 $49M
September 16th 2016 $133M
July 22nd 2016 $15M
July 19th 2016 $25M
July 8th 2016 $540M
March 8th 2016 $157M
January 8th 2016 $165M
November 13th 2015 $200M
September 11th 2015 $106M
July 31st 2015 $25M
July 21st 2015 $152M
June 2nd 2015 $260M
March 24th 2015 $59M
February 27th 2015 $127M
January 16th 2015 $270M
November 4th 2014 $321M
August 22nd 2014 $180M
June 27th 2014 $33M
June 13th 2014 $66M
May 20th 2014 $149M
April 4th 2014 $30M
March 25th 2014 $20M
March 18th 2014 $400M
January 3rd 2014 $61M
December 17th 2013 $636M
October 1st 2013 $189M
July 26th 2013 $19M
July 16th 2013 $20M
July 5th 2013 $79M
May 31st 2013 $30M
May 17th 2013 $190M
March 12th 2013 $41M
February 19th 2013 $26M
February 5th 2013 $19M
January 25th 2013 $89M
December 14th 2012 $35M
November 27th 2012 $49M
November 2nd 2012 $32M
October 16th 2012 $61M
September 18th 2012 $15M
September 11th 2012 $120M
July 27th 2012 $52M
July 3rd 2012 $86M
May 29th 2012 $32M
May 15th 2012 $25M
May 4th 2012 $118M
March 30th 2012 $640M
January 24th 2012 $71M
December 27th 2011 $206M
November 1st 2011 $78M
September 30th 2011 $113M
August 19th 2011 $32M
August 5th 2011 $99M
July 1st 2011 $105M
May 27th 2011 $35M
May 13th 2011 $27M
May 3rd 2011 $51M
April 15th 2011 $72M
March 25th 2011 $319M
February 1st 2011 $91M
January 4th 2011 $355M
November 9th 2010 $25M
October 29th 2010 $140M
September 17th 2010 $54M
August 27th 2010 $133M
July 16th 2010 $64M
June 22nd 2010 $26M
June 11th 2010 $36M
May 28th 2010 $12M
May 25th 2010 $64M
May 4th 2010 $266M
March 12th 2010 $20M
March 5th 2010 $133M
January 29th 2010 $144M
January 26th 2010 $121M
January 22nd 2010 $105M
January 19th 2010 $86M
January 15th 2010 $73M
January 12th 2010 $60M
January 8th 2010 $48M
January 5th 2010 $37M
January 1st 2010 $27M
December 29th 2009 $16M
December 25th 2009 $12M
December 22nd 2009 $162M
December 18th 2009 $140M
December 15th 2009 $118M
December 11th 2009 $100M
December 8th 2009 $83M
December 4th 2009 $69M
December 1st 2009 $57M
November 27th 2009 $47M
November 24th 2009 $37M
November 20th 2009 $27M
November 17th 2009 $17M
November 13th 2009 $12M
November 10th 2009 $77M
November 6th 2009 $63M
November 3rd 2009 $50M
October 30th 2009 $40M
October 27th 2009 $28M
October 23rd 2009 $18M
October 20th 2009 $12M
October 16th 2009 $200M
October 13th 2009 $170M
October 9th 2009 $145M
October 6th 2009 $122M
October 2nd 2009 $105M
September 29th 2009 $88M
September 25th 2009 $75M
September 22nd 2009 $62M
September 18th 2009 $51M
September 15th 2009 $38M
September 11th 2009 $28M
September 8th 2009 $18M
September 4th 2009 $12M
September 1st 2009 $12M
August 28th 2009 $336M
August 25th 2009 $252M
August 21st 2009 $207M
August 18th 2009 $170M
August 14th 2009 $146M
August 11th 2009 $124M
August 7th 2009 $102M
August 4th 2009 $84M
July 31st 2009 $73M
July 28th 2009 $60M
July 24th 2009 $48M
July 21st 2009 $37M
July 17th 2009 $27M
July 14th 2009 $16M
July 10th 2009 $12M
July 7th 2009 $133M
July 3rd 2009 $113M
June 30th 2009 $94M
June 26th 2009 $81M
June 23rd 2009 $68M
June 19th 2009 $57M
June 16th 2009 $46M
June 12th 2009 $36M
June 9th 2009 $25M
June 5th 2009 $17M
June 2nd 2009 $12M
May 29th 2009 $35M
May 26th 2009 $25M
May 22nd 2009 $16M
May 19th 2009 $12M
May 15th 2009 $38M
May 12th 2009 $28M
May 8th 2009 $17M
May 5th 2009 $12M
May 1st 2009 $225M
April 28th 2009 $181M
April 24th 2009 $155M
April 21st 2009 $130M
April 17th 2009 $109M
April 14th 2009 $92M
April 10th 2009 $78M
April 7th 2009 $65M
April 3rd 2009 $54M
March 31st 2009 $43M
March 27th 2009 $34M
March 24th 2009 $24M
March 20th 2009 $16M
March 17th 2009 $12M
March 13th 2009 $26M
March 10th 2009 $16M
March 6th 2009 $12M
March 3rd 2009 $212M
February 27th 2009 $171M
February 24th 2009 $145M
February 20th 2009 $120M
February 17th 2009 $103M
February 13th 2009 $85M
February 10th 2009 $73M
February 6th 2009 $60M
February 3rd 2009 $50M
January 30th 2009 $40M
January 27th 2009 $30M
January 23rd 2009 $21M
January 20th 2009 $16M
January 16th 2009 $12M
January 13th 2009 $22M
January 9th 2009 $16M
January 6th 2009 $12M
January 2nd 2009 $46M
December 30th 2008 $37M
December 26th 2008 $29M
December 23rd 2008 $22M
December 19th 2008 $16M
December 16th 2008 $12M
December 12th 2008 $207M
December 9th 2008 $170M
December 5th 2008 $146M
December 2nd 2008 $128M
November 28th 2008 $111M
November 25th 2008 $96M
November 21st 2008 $86M
November 18th 2008 $73M
November 14th 2008 $62M
November 11th 2008 $51M
November 7th 2008 $42M
November 4th 2008 $31M
October 31st 2008 $23M
October 28th 2008 $16M
October 24th 2008 $12M
October 21st 2008 $42M
October 17th 2008 $32M
October 14th 2008 $23M
October 10th 2008 $16M
October 7th 2008 $12M
October 3rd 2008 $42M
September 30th 2008 $32M
September 26th 2008 $24M
September 23rd 2008 $16M
September 19th 2008 $12M
September 16th 2008 $15M
September 12th 2008 $12M
September 9th 2008 $24M
September 5th 2008 $16M
September 2nd 2008 $12M
August 29th 2008 $132M
August 26th 2008 $114M
August 22nd 2008 $95M
August 19th 2008 $81M
August 15th 2008 $70M
August 12th 2008 $56M
August 8th 2008 $45M
August 5th 2008 $34M
August 1st 2008 $25M
July 29th 2008 $16M
July 25th 2008 $12M
July 22nd 2008 $125M
July 18th 2008 $105M
July 15th 2008 $88M
July 11th 2008 $75M
July 8th 2008 $64M
July 4th 2008 $53M
July 1st 2008 $43M
June 27th 2008 $34M
June 24th 2008 $25M
June 20th 2008 $16M
June 17th 2008 $12M
June 13th 2008 $56M
June 10th 2008 $45M
June 6th 2008 $36M
June 3rd 2008 $25M
May 30th 2008 $16M
May 27th 2008 $12M
May 23rd 2008 $17M
May 20th 2008 $12M
May 16th 2008 $196M
May 13th 2008 $166M
May 9th 2008 $145M
May 6th 2008 $120M
May 2nd 2008 $100M
April 29th 2008 $85M
April 25th 2008 $71M
April 22nd 2008 $60M
April 18th 2008 $48M
April 15th 2008 $37M
April 11th 2008 $27M
April 8th 2008 $17M
April 4th 2008 $12M
April 1st 2008 $135M
March 28th 2008 $113M
March 25th 2008 $95M
March 21st 2008 $83M
March 18th 2008 $69M
March 14th 2008 $59M
March 11th 2008 $47M
March 7th 2008 $37M
March 4th 2008 $26M
February 29th 2008 $16M
February 26th 2008 $12M
February 22nd 2008 $275M
February 19th 2008 $220M
February 15th 2008 $179M
February 12th 2008 $150M
February 8th 2008 $125M
February 5th 2008 $102M
February 1st 2008 $87M
January 29th 2008 $73M
January 25th 2008 $61M
January 22nd 2008 $51M
January 18th 2008 $42M
January 15th 2008 $32M
January 11th 2008 $24M
January 8th 2008 $16M
January 4th 2008 $12M
January 1st 2008 $33M

As you can see from the list above, there are some huge jackpots available with Mega Millions.

Mega Millions Jackpot

Back in July 2002, Sonny Judson of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, became the sole winner of a huge $165M jackpot. That was the biggest jackpot until the following June when Bernadette Gietka took home a whopping $183M all to herself.

In 2005, a group of seven won the then-record $315 million jackpot, in Anaheim, California. 

Another most notably large payout took place in March 2012, as three winning tickets matched the jackpot numbers to share in a massive $656M. One ticket holder was in Kansas, another in Illinois and the third was in Maryland.

The daddy of all jackpots was won in 2018 though when Mega Millions fever gripped the US - and the World - with a jackpot of $1.537 BILLION. A single anonymous player in South Carolina won this.

The big jackpots keep coming for this big American lottery, so place your numbers now to have a chance!

Mega Millions FAQ

Q: When are the Mega Millions draws?
A: Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11 pm Eastern US Time.

Q: How much is a Mega Millions ticket?
A: If you are in the US, a Mega Millions ticket costs $2. Players from overseas will pay $5 per ticket, with a discount of up to 25% for multiple entries.

Q: How do you win the Mega Millions jackpot?
A: Match five standard white balls, plus one yellow mega ball. If you just match the five standard balls, you will win the $1 million 'Match 5' prize.

Q: What is the biggest ever jackpot?
A: A jackpot of $1.537 billion was won on October 23rd, 2018. The winning numbers were 5, 28, 6,2 65, and 70 with Megaball 5.

Q: Can non-US citizens enter Mega Millions?
A: Yes, anyone can play and win the US Mega Millions.