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Saturday30 December 2023
6 7 23 34 37 50

About Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas has become a hit with lottery players from around the world. The first state lottery in Texas, this game has a minimum jackpot worth a cool $5 million.

Drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:12 CST. If you are playing from outside the USA, ticket sales at theLotter close a few hours before the draw.

To play, pick six numbers from a guess range of 1-54. If your six numbers match the ones drawn you win the jackpot.

With a total of five prize divisions, if your numbers form a partial match with those drawn, you could still have won a Lotto Texas prize!

Choose your numbers using your Lucky Numbers, manually, or by using random numbers with the QuickPick feature at theLotter. Enter with a one-time regular entry, subscription, or multi-draw package; the choice is yours.

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The game of Texas also offers players the chance to boost second-tier prize winnings. You can do so by playing the Extra! At theLotter, you can purchase Lotto Texas Extra tickets and increase the secondary prizes you win by up to $10,000!

The best part? You do keep all you win, and no commission is ever taken from winnings when you play online through the World Lottery Site and theLotter.

Can I Play from outside the USA?

Yes! When you play Texas Lotto with us, and theLotter an official ticket will be purchased on your behalf in the country.

Once your ticket is purchased, it will be scanned, and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the next daily draw.

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published. Big Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

View how it works for more information on how to play world lottos online from almost anywhere in the world.

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Playing the Texas Lotto is easy! Follow these steps:

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Recent Lotto Texas Results

Saturday30 December 2023
6 7 23 34 37 50
$34,000,000 Won!
Wednesday27 December 2023
13 23 35 37 38 53
Monday25 December 2023
17 18 29 30 43 47
Saturday23 December 2023
14 20 22 26 29 49
Wednesday20 December 2023
14 27 28 33 35 51

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Jackpot History for the Texas Lotto

December 30th 2023 $34M
August 30th 2023 $6.25M
August 16th 2023 $17M
June 17th 2023 $8M
May 17th 2023 $7.50M
April 22nd 2023 $95M
September 17th 2022 $19M
June 25th 2022 $7.25M
June 1st 2022 $17.75M
March 5th 2022 $6.75M
February 14th 2022 $9.50M
January 1st 2022 $16.25M
October 2nd 2021 $20.75M
June 5th 2021 $5M
June 2nd 2021 $18.75M
February 10th 2021 $6.25M
January 20th 2021 $5.50M
January 9th 2021 $7.75M
November 28th 2020 $9M
September 30th 2020 $47M
January 15th 2020 $17.50M
September 25th 2019 $23.75M
May 4th 2019 $6.25M
April 13th 2019 $15.75M
January 12th 2019 $12.50M
October 31st 2018 $15.25M
August 11th 2018 $16M
May 16th 2018 $30.25M
December 16th 2017 $5.50M
December 6th 2017 $5M
December 2nd 2017 $24.75M
July 19th 2017 $7M
June 17th 2017 $14.25M
March 25th 2017 $27.25M
November 2nd 2016 $20M
July 6th 2016 $6M
June 18th 2016 $13M
March 30th 2016 $11.75M
January 23rd 2016 $20.25M
October 14th 2015 $5M
October 10th 2015 $5.25M
October 3rd 2015 $32.25M
April 29th 2015 $7.25M
March 25th 2015 $32.50M
December 31st 2014 $14.50M
October 15th 2014 $11.50M
August 16th 2014 $15.75M
May 31st 2014 $36.25M
January 1st 2014 $12M
November 9th 2013 $6.25M
October 19th 2013 $19.50M
July 31st 2013 $19M
May 11th 2013 $6.75M
April 13th 2013 $6M
April 3rd 2013 $7M
March 20th 2013 $4M
March 16th 2013 $10M
February 20th 2013 $16M
January 5th 2013 $20M
July 28th 2012 $24M
May 16th 2012 $4M
May 12th 2012 $28M
February 15th 2012 $22M
December 10th 2011 $30M
September 7th 2011 $25M
June 22nd 2011 $5M
June 15th 2011 $19M
April 20th 2011 $15M
March 9th 2011 $30M
December 4th 2010 $4M
December 1st 2010 $12M
October 30th 2010 $16M
September 15th 2010 $8M
August 28th 2010 $8M
August 11th 2010 $6M
July 31st 2010 $21M
May 29th 2010 $97M
October 21st 2009 $76M
May 6th 2009 $11M
April 8th 2009 $10M
March 14th 2009 $28M
December 24th 2008 $8M
December 6th 2008 $13M
November 1st 2008 $7M
October 18th 2008 $18M
August 27th 2008 $30M
May 31st 2008 $17M
April 12th 2008 $7M
March 29th 2008 $13M
February 23rd 2008 $28M