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Lotteries from all around the World are now open for you to play.

From the most popular in the USA to European, Australian and even Brazilian lotto games - they are all listed on World Lottery Site for you to win!

Take a look at the biggest jackpots currently available.

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Top Lottery Jackpots

  • US

    This popular American lottery offers a jackpot of at least $40M and a chance to become a millionaire by matching 5 numbers. Enter the next MegaMillions draw online now!

    • $227M Jackpot
    • Wednesday at 1:00am GMT

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  • France

    • $217M Jackpot
    • €190 Million
    • Tuesday at 6:45pm GMT

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  • Europe

    EuroMillions is Europe's leading lottery, with players entering from all over the continent. Past huge jackpots include US$247M and many others in six figures.

    • $217M Jackpot
    • €190 Million
    • Tuesday at 6:10pm GMT

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  • UK

    • $167M Jackpot
    • £167 Million
    • Tuesday at 6:45pm GMT

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  • US

    The US Powerball is the most popular lottery game in the World! Drawn on Wednesday and Saturday, you can even add a Power Play to double your winnings. Give it a go today.

    • $80M Jackpot
    • Draw closes in 10h3m

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  • Israel

    • $40M Jackpot
    • ILS₪40 Million
    • Draw closes in 4h28m

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  • Canada

    • $38M Jackpot
    • C$50 Million
    • Wednesday at 1:30am GMT

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  • Texas

    • $23M Jackpot
    • Draw closes in 9h33m

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  • Texas

    • $23M Jackpot
    • Draw closes in 9h33m

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You can play just once, play every week or even join a syndicate!

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Whether you live in Australia and want to play the big American Lotteries or you're an English player who wants to play the Brazilian Mega Sena, it's easy!

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More about World Lottery

The biggest jackpot games tend to be the USA based lotteries. Primarily Powerball and Mega Millions where jackpots can easily reach $500 million plus - and have topped a billion dollars in the last year. Crazy numbers!

European jackpots aren't to be taken lightly though, with EuroMillions - a pan-European game available to players all over the continent - and Italy's famous SuperEnaLotto among the biggest and most popular games on that side of the Atlantic.

Sometimes it can pay to look for the 'smartest' jackpot. That means the prize that you have the most chance of winning, statistically at least! These can be any jackpots around the world, from Australian Powerball to Brazil's ever-popular MegaSena. So keep an eye out for the latest big jackpots, and you might be in for a surprise!

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