Buying Your Lottery Ticket Online

When we first realised you could buy your lottery tickets online, honestly we were skeptical.

Who does that? Is that a thing? Will I get paid my winnings? All normal reactions to what is a fairly new trend to playing your favourite (and new) lotto games.

Introducing TheLotter

We work with online lottery agent TheLotter to bring the World's lottery games to you. Wherever you are, you can now play EuroMillions, Mega Millions or SuperEnaLotto!

TheLotter allows you to play safely from your home, or phone, and they have been purchasing tickets on behalf of customers since way back in 2002.

How it Works

Entering lotteries online is easy. Here are the steps.


Select any lottery from a choice of over 45 worldwide. You can play online from most countries in the world.


Pick your lucky numbers, using the easy online number picker. They make it super easy to choose any number of lines.

If you only play one line, great...if you play 10+ lines, it's still easy to choose your numbers.

If you can't decide which lottery to play, take a look at the biggest jackpots available for the next draws.


One of TheLotter's local offices will buy the ticket locally on your behalf.

Your ticket is then scanned and you can see the actual ticket through your account before the draw.


Your commission free winnings are transferred directly to your account for withdrawal. You'll be notified by email and text message!

More about TheLotter

You might be wondering just how trustworthy this whole process is.

TheLotter has been online since 2002 and has paid out millions in prizes to it's customers. It was the first website of it's kind and is going from strength to strength giving customers around the world the chance to play any lotto they want to.

They have over 20 local offices around the World with ticket buyers going out to buy tickets on behalf of people like you.

Winnings are completely commission free, so you don't have to worry if you hit it big. TheLotter has had over 4 million winners play with them.


TheLotter is a completely secure site and every step of the process is totally secure.

Each ticket is scanned by the local agent and given a serial number, along with the date, time and place the ticket was purchased (this is done by the official lottery).

All of this information can be verified by the official lotto at any time if you wish.

Once tickets are scanned they are placed in a secure location at the offices of TheLotter.

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