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About Oz Lotto

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The Melbourne Cup of the lottery world!

Oz Lotto stops the nation once a week with an uncapped jackpot and big 9-figure Aussie dollar top prizes.

You too can join online from almost anywhere in the world.

The record jackpot stands at AU$112 million which was hit in 2012. More recently, August 2018 saw two winners share an AU$70 million jackpot prize. One of the tickets belonged to a man from Lithgow, NSW; while the other ticket belonged to a 6-member family syndicate.

This Australian lottery boasts seven prize divisions and is one of only a handful of lotteries that features not one but two bonus numbers that are drawn from the same pool.

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The bonus numbers come into play on the second, fourth and seventh levels giving players a great chance to cash in a bigger prize. The lottery has overall odds of 1 in 57 to win any of the prizes and all prizes are completely tax-free!

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In 2018, twenty-two players from all over the world played Oz Lotto at theLotter and won an AU$24,937.50 prize ($18,476.14) in the draw on 31st July.

The fourth line of their 60-line ticket matched six main numbers and the bonus number - they were just one number short of winning the jackpot!

How to play Oz Lotto

Play online from outside Australia in the same way an Aussie would!

Select five numbers from 1 to 45 and two bonus numbers from the same pool.

Matching the bonus numbers gives you the second prize (worth tens of thousands of Aussie dollars), the 5+1 fourth prize (worth thousands of Aussie dollars) and the 3+1 seventh prize (3 main numbers alone would not win a prize).

You must match ALL seven numbers to hit the big Aussie jackpot.

Lottery players from Australia and from all over the world get one chance each week to win with this popular lottery. The draw takes place on Tuesdays at 10:40 am GMT.

As with all the world lotteries featured on the World Lottery Site, remember to check the time difference from the country you are playing online.

Oz Lotto Ticket

Choose your numbers using your lucky numbers, manually, or by using random numbers with the QuickPick feature. Enter with a one-time regular entry, subscription, multi-draw package, or join other world lottery players. Increase your chances of becoming the next big winner in a syndicate; the choice is yours.

The best part? You do keep all you win; no commission is ever taken from winnings when you play online through the World Lottery Site and theLotter.

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Can I play from outside Australia?

Yes! The Oz Lotto is one of Australia's most popular lotteries but you don't have to live there or be an Aussie to get in on the action when you play online through the World Lottery Site and theLotter.

Once your ticket is purchased, an official ticket will be bought on your behalf in the country It will be scanned and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the next daily draw.

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published. Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

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  1. Join theLotter
  2. Select 5 numbers from 1 to 45
  3. Select 2 bonus numbers from the same pool
  4. Pay for your Oz lotto ticket
  5. No need to subscibe and you keep all you win!

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Recent Oz Lotto Results

Tuesday26 October 2021
1 13 15 17 32 44 45 8Extra
AU$30,000,000 Won!
Tuesday19 October 2021
8 13 14 25 35 36 43 30Extra
AU$20,000,000 Won!
Tuesday12 October 2021
4 10 13 27 30 32 37 5Extra
AU$10,000,000 Won!
Tuesday5 October 2021
5 11 12 22 27 30 37 4Extra
AU$5,000,000 Won!
Tuesday28 September 2021
2 6 17 20 32 41 42 12Extra
AU$2,000,000 Won!

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Oz Lotto Jackpot History

October 26th 2021 AU$30M
October 19th 2021 AU$20M
October 12th 2021 AU$10M
October 5th 2021 AU$5M
September 28th 2021 AU$2M
September 21st 2021 AU$30M
September 14th 2021 AU$20M
September 7th 2021 AU$10M
August 31st 2021 AU$5M
August 24th 2021 AU$2M
August 17th 2021 AU$11M
August 10th 2021 AU$5M
August 3rd 2021 AU$2M
July 27th 2021 AU$10M
July 20th 2021 AU$5M
July 13th 2021 AU$2M
July 6th 2021 AU$20M
June 29th 2021 AU$10M
June 22nd 2021 AU$5M
June 15th 2021 AU$2M
June 8th 2021 AU$10.49M
June 1st 2021 AU$5M
May 25th 2021 AU$2M
May 18th 2021 AU$5.63M
May 11th 2021 AU$2M
May 4th 2021 AU$15M
April 20th 2021 AU$2M
April 13th 2021 AU$35M
April 6th 2021 AU$25M
March 30th 2021 AU$15M
March 23rd 2021 AU$5M
March 16th 2021 AU$2M
March 9th 2021 AU$30M
March 2nd 2021 AU$20M
February 23rd 2021 AU$10M
February 16th 2021 AU$5M
February 2nd 2021 AU$30M
December 29th 2020 AU$10.54M
December 15th 2020 AU$2M
December 8th 2020 AU$5.91M
December 1st 2020 AU$2M
November 24th 2020 AU$2.50M
November 17th 2020 AU$30M
November 3rd 2020 AU$10M
October 27th 2020 AU$5M
October 13th 2020 AU$2.50M
October 6th 2020 AU$11.28M
September 29th 2020 AU$5M
September 15th 2020 AU$20M
September 1st 2020 AU$5M
August 18th 2020 AU$12.55M
August 11th 2020 AU$5M
July 28th 2020 AU$11.73M
July 7th 2020 AU$50M
June 23rd 2020 AU$20M
June 16th 2020 AU$10M
May 26th 2020 AU$2.50M
May 19th 2020 AU$16.92M
May 12th 2020 AU$10M
April 21st 2020 AU$2.29M
April 14th 2020 AU$15M
March 31st 2020 AU$5M
March 24th 2020 AU$2M
March 17th 2020 AU$15M
February 25th 2020 AU$2M
February 18th 2020 AU$5.02M
February 4th 2020 AU$10M
January 28th 2020 AU$5M
January 21st 2020 AU$2M
January 14th 2020 AU$10.42M
January 7th 2020 AU$5M