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What Day is the Lottery Drawn?

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Not long ago, picking which lotto to play online was easy. Now with so many lotteries to choose from, it's difficult to keep up with which day of the week each lottery is drawn.

Here is a guide on which day of the week the most popular world lottos around the World are drawn.

Just for fun, we've also added some interesting lottery trivia you might not have been aware of!

You must be 18 or older to play lottery games online. Depending on the game you play, various prize amounts are paid directly into your account at theLotter. Jackpots and big wins often need to be claimed in person.

Monday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: In America alone, an obscene $2 billion worth of lotto winnings go unclaimed every year.

Tuesday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: A survey found that 30% of female lottery winners keep their winning ticket tucked away in their bras for safekeeping until they can claim the win.

Wednesday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: According to a survey, almost half of British jackpot winners opt to carry on working after hitting the jackpot!

Thursday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: Canadian jackpot winners Allen and Violet Large gave away every single cent of their $11.2 million jackpot win to charity.

Friday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: In 2012, every resident (except one!) in Sodeto, Spain shared the Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot, a sum of about 750 million Euros.

Saturday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: More people play the lottery on Saturday than any other day of the week which means if you win you are more likely to share the jackpot.

Sunday Lotto Draws

Fun Fact: In 1984 a New York police officer promised to share half his lottery winnings with a waitress if the ticket won. It won! She received half the $6 million prize money.

Lotteries you can play every day

Fun Fact: According to a 2013 survey, 55% of males were positive about winning the lottery as opposed to only 42% of women.

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