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Powerball Hot and Cold Numbers

Which numbers have been drawn the most - and least - in recent Powerball draws?

Our handy checker will let you see however far back you like so you can pick out the numbers you think are most or least likely to be drawn in the upcoming Powerball draw.

Last 20 Draws

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


Last 50 Draws

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


Last 100 Draws

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


What are Hot and Cold numbers?

The numbers above indicate how many times each number has been drawn in the last 100 Powerball draws.

Hot numbers are balls that have been drawn the most times, and cold numbers the opposite. You can use this information to help choose your next set of numbers.

For example, if a number has only been drawn two of the last 100 lottery draws, some theorize that number is more likely to be drawn more often in the next few draws.