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European Lotto Games

There are some huge jackpots around the World, most notably in America where Powerball and Mega Millions dominate the lottery scene.

But just because they have the biggest jackpots doesn't mean they are the only lotto games you should play! Some European countries have great lotto games too, with smaller numbers of entries, meaning you might have a better shot at a big prize.

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SuperEnalotto from Italy

SuperEnalotto LogoOutside of EuroMillions, the biggest European jackpots come from Italy. The SuperEnalotto started out life as just 'Enalotto' back in the 50s before Italian lotto giant SISAL added 'Super' to the name and changed the format.

This lotto differs from many in that you don't have to match the additional number (the 'Jolly' number) to win the jackpot. Matching the six main numbers is enough for the jackpot. The additional Jolly number is used only for the 5+1 secondary prize.

Jackpots tend to grow slowly, but there are no caps - meaning it can go as high as any lottery in the World. The largest to date was €209M in August 2019.

Quick Facts

Previous SuperEnalotto Jackpots

November 16th 2023 €85.10M
June 10th 2023 €42.59M
March 25th 2023 €73.81M
February 16th 2023 €371.13M
May 22nd 2021 €156.29M
July 7th 2020 €59.47M
January 28th 2020 €67.22M
September 17th 2019 €66.37M
August 13th 2019 €209.16M
June 23rd 2018 €51.32M
April 17th 2018 €130.20M
August 1st 2017 €77.74M
February 25th 2017 €93.72M
October 27th 2016 €163.54M
July 16th 2015 €21.86M
March 21st 2015 €9.58M
February 3rd 2015 €4.86M
January 10th 2015 €4.33M
December 30th 2014 €18.04M
November 22nd 2014 €40.19M
May 24th 2014 €20.84M
February 18th 2014 €11.95M
January 23rd 2014 €26.72M
October 15th 2013 €18.34M
July 27th 2013 €13.91M
June 29th 2013 €40.71M
March 16th 2013 €53.25M
August 30th 2012 €12.32M
August 2nd 2012 €18.84M
May 24th 2012 €25.80M
May 19th 2012 €94.84M
September 22nd 2011 €65.04M
April 28th 2011 €47.43M
January 7th 2011 €13.57M
December 27th 2010 €35.95M
October 30th 2010 €177.73M
February 9th 2010 €139.02M
August 22nd 2009 €147.81M
January 31st 2009 €7.95M
December 2nd 2008 €45.08M
October 23rd 2008 €100.76M
April 26th 2008 €40.60M
February 5th 2008 €9.45M
January 17th 2008 €33.59M

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Lotto 6aus49 from Germany

German Lotto LogoGermany's national lotto game may not be the most well-known game around, but a recent revamp in 2013 has put it on the map with jackpots that should entice you to have a play.

Known as "6 aus 49" - German for "6 from 49" - the game is pretty self-explanatory. Choose 6 numbers from a range of 1-49, plus an additional super number. Match all seven of your selected numbers and you have won the jackpot!

Recently there have been some bumper wins in the German lotto, with €42.58M won in October 2020, €29.37M in August, and €32.39M in January of the same year. Jackpots often reach €30 million-plus, so it's worth keeping an eye on this lotto game.

Quick Facts

Previous 6aus49 Jackpots

November 4th 2023 €9.94M
October 21st 2023 €8.45M
October 11th 2023 €11.78M
July 29th 2023 €9.64M
July 15th 2023 €3.19M
July 12th 2023 €16.94M
June 17th 2023 €13.30M
May 31st 2023 €15.27M
May 10th 2023 €13.65M
April 22nd 2023 €16.91M
April 1st 2023 €45M
February 4th 2023 €15.66M
January 14th 2023 €28.01M
December 10th 2022 €3.41M
December 7th 2022 €27.06M
November 2nd 2022 €2.71M
October 29th 2022 €4.89M
October 22nd 2022 €21.28M
September 24th 2022 €9.78M
September 10th 2022 €28.27M
August 6th 2022 €4.85M
July 30th 2022 €14.99M
July 9th 2022 €15.30M
June 18th 2022 €23.24M
May 21st 2022 €14.06M
May 4th 2022 €5.16M
April 27th 2022 €11.89M
April 13th 2022 €45M
February 12th 2022 €17.07M
January 22nd 2022 €3.81M
November 24th 2021 €10.70M
November 10th 2021 €1.77M
November 6th 2021 €22.31M
October 9th 2021 €3.49M
October 6th 2021 €18.37M
September 11th 2021 €26.13M
August 14th 2021 €10.77M
July 31st 2021 €9M
July 21st 2021 €36.20M
June 9th 2021 €32.84M
May 1st 2021 €17.47M
April 10th 2021 €12.38M
March 27th 2021 €9.47M
March 17th 2021 €3.25M
March 13th 2021 €9.63M
March 3rd 2021 €1.92M
February 27th 2021 €11.78M
February 13th 2021 €3.82M
February 10th 2021 €13.99M
January 23rd 2021 €9.71M
January 13th 2021 €9.25M
January 2nd 2021 €4.02M
December 30th 2020 €6.14M
December 23rd 2020 €19.59M
October 10th 2020 €42.58M
August 19th 2020 €29.37M
July 4th 2020 €4.15M
June 27th 2020 €17.69M
April 18th 2020 €7.99M
April 4th 2020 €16.95M
March 7th 2020 €11.16M
February 19th 2020 €1.32M
February 15th 2020 €2.74M
February 12th 2020 €4.24M
February 5th 2020 €12.99M
January 15th 2020 €4.21M
January 8th 2020 €1.45M
January 4th 2020 €32.39M
November 20th 2019 €1.33M
November 16th 2019 €18.42M
October 23rd 2019 €5.45M
October 12th 2019 €15.32M
September 18th 2019 €5.38M
September 7th 2019 €6.83M
August 28th 2019 €9.08M
August 14th 2019 €28.52M
June 29th 2019 €29M
May 15th 2019 €8.20M
May 1st 2019 €4.19M
April 24th 2019 €10.23M
April 6th 2019 €8.22M
March 23rd 2019 €4.09M
March 16th 2019 €8.35M
March 2nd 2019 €4.12M
February 23rd 2019 €4.09M
February 16th 2019 €7.09M
February 6th 2019 €9.57M
January 23rd 2019 €30M
December 8th 2018 €4.42M
December 1st 2018 €15.52M
November 7th 2018 €4.07M
October 31st 2018 €5.34M
October 20th 2018 €5.55M
October 13th 2018 €6.93M
October 3rd 2018 €17.32M
September 5th 2018 €29.05M
July 21st 2018 €6.93M
July 11th 2018 €5.32M
June 30th 2018 €10.58M
June 16th 2018 €8.10M
June 2nd 2018 €6.87M
May 23rd 2018 €11.35M
May 9th 2018 €8.30M
April 25th 2018 €8.30M
April 11th 2018 €2.05M
April 7th 2018 €7.14M
March 28th 2018 €4.98M
March 21st 2018 €14.03M
February 28th 2018 €1.34M
February 24th 2018 €8.54M
February 10th 2018 €7.37M
January 31st 2018 €8.81M
January 17th 2018 €16.24M
December 23rd 2017 €18.96M
November 25th 2017 €8.57M
November 11th 2017 €17.83M
October 14th 2017 €13.12M
September 23rd 2017 €8.54M
September 9th 2017 €17.63M
August 12th 2017 €7.19M
August 2nd 2017 €14.79M
July 8th 2017 €13.17M
June 17th 2017 €7.29M
June 7th 2017 €29.70M
April 22nd 2017 €13.25M
March 18th 2017 €23.58M
February 11th 2017 €8.99M
January 28th 2017 €3.06M
January 25th 2017 €31.06M
December 14th 2016 €1.38M
December 10th 2016 €7.58M
November 30th 2016 €1.42M
November 26th 2016 €2.90M
November 23rd 2016 €6.53M
October 29th 2016 €8.76M
October 15th 2016 €13.57M
September 24th 2016 €4.34M
September 17th 2016 €3.08M
September 14th 2016 €32.76M
July 30th 2016 €28.93M
June 18th 2016 €3M
June 15th 2016 €8.99M
June 1st 2016 €9.07M
May 18th 2016 €1.46M
May 14th 2016 €37.05M
March 30th 2016 €5.32M
March 23rd 2016 €9.11M
March 9th 2016 €6.02M
February 27th 2016 €4.47M
February 20th 2016 €4.53M
February 13th 2016 €19.30M
January 16th 2016 €4.50M
January 9th 2016 €13.70M
December 23rd 2015 €4.81M
December 16th 2015 €6.13M
December 5th 2015 €19.46M
November 7th 2015 €4.49M
October 31st 2015 €3.10M
October 28th 2015 €15.73M
October 3rd 2015 €7.71M
September 23rd 2015 €33.24M
August 8th 2015 €13.74M
July 11th 2015 €1.58M
May 23rd 2015 €14.26M
May 2nd 2015 €30.68M
March 21st 2015 €4.44M
March 14th 2015 €7.87M
March 4th 2015 €6.19M
February 21st 2015 €19.67M
January 24th 2015 €4.50M
January 17th 2015 €4.60M
January 10th 2015 €15.98M
December 24th 2014 €2.85M
December 20th 2014 €4.75M
December 13th 2014 €14.66M
November 22nd 2014 €14.20M
November 1st 2014 €3.02M
October 29th 2014 €4.55M
October 22nd 2014 €15.77M
September 27th 2014 €9.04M
September 13th 2014 €7.73M
September 3rd 2014 €4.56M
August 27th 2014 €2.15M
August 23rd 2014 €9.15M
August 9th 2014 €12.57M
July 23rd 2014 €5.89M
July 12th 2014 €7.83M
July 2nd 2014 €11.87M
June 14th 2014 €9.47M
May 31st 2014 €23.76M
April 30th 2014 €6.04M
April 19th 2014 €4.81M
April 16th 2014 €1M
April 12th 2014 €4.66M
April 5th 2014 €3.70M
April 2nd 2014 €6.31M
March 22nd 2014 €5.24M
March 19th 2014 €11.95M
March 1st 2014 €26.92M
January 29th 2014 €24.40M
January 25th 2014 €22M
December 28th 2013 €9M
December 18th 2013 €24.12M
November 16th 2013 €21.27M
October 19th 2013 €4.82M
October 12th 2013 €20.94M
September 14th 2013 €4.96M
September 7th 2013 €13.54M
August 3rd 2013 €9.42M
July 20th 2013 €3.21M
July 17th 2013 €1.41M
July 13th 2013 €4.71M
July 6th 2013 €3.30M
July 3rd 2013 €2.32M
June 29th 2013 €5.04M
June 22nd 2013 €8.38M
June 12th 2013 €1.57M
June 8th 2013 €22.16M
May 11th 2013 €5.31M
May 4th 2013 €14.25M
April 10th 2013 €1.03M
April 6th 2013 €14.57M
March 9th 2013 €21.19M
January 30th 2013 €5.84M
January 23rd 2013 €10.14M
January 2nd 2013 €1.04M
December 29th 2012 €7.92M
December 15th 2012 €10.27M
November 24th 2012 €3.19M
November 17th 2012 €3.27M
November 10th 2012 €13.82M
October 13th 2012 €5.53M
October 3rd 2012 €11.20M
September 8th 2012 €3.22M
September 1st 2012 €12.22M
August 8th 2012 €4.17M
July 28th 2012 €3.12M
July 21st 2012 €12.35M
June 27th 2012 €1.02M
June 23rd 2012 €3.13M
June 16th 2012 €6.46M
June 2nd 2012 €3.20M
May 26th 2012 €10.03M
May 5th 2012 €3.28M
April 28th 2012 €14.01M
March 31st 2012 €3.27M
March 24th 2012 €2.22M
March 21st 2012 €1.02M
March 17th 2012 €5.88M
March 7th 2012 €8.53M
February 8th 2012 €1.13M
February 4th 2012 €19.06M
January 4th 2012 €1.08M
December 31st 2011 €3.74M
December 24th 2011 €4.46M
December 17th 2011 €5.94M
December 7th 2011 €1.07M
December 3rd 2011 €3.60M
November 26th 2011 €9.65M
November 9th 2011 €1.92M
November 5th 2011 €3.47M
October 29th 2011 €3.54M
October 22nd 2011 €18.84M
September 21st 2011 €12.66M
August 27th 2011 €7.12M

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France Loto

France Loto LogoThe main French lotto game is simply called France Loto, and is run by Française des Jeux which roughly translated means 'French Games'.

You need to match just five numbers plus an additional 'Lucky Number' to win the jackpot in France. The odds of winning in the France Loto are quite good compared to other European lotto games, and any winnings are tax-free!

Quick Facts

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La Primitiva from Spain

La Primitiva LogoSpanish lotto game La Primitiva (meaning "The Primitive") is well known across Spain for producing great jackpots.

This lottery has an additional number known as Reintegro, which you need to match in addition to the six main numbers to win the jackpot. The guess range is 1-49.

Additionally, La Primitiva refunds any tickets that match only the Reintegro number!

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