What are the biggest EuroMillions jackpots ever?

5th December 2020 9:08pm

With the EuroMillions jackpot rolling over once again last Friday night, the jackpot now stands at €200 million ($242M).

We look into the past biggest jackpot winners for Europe's top lottery game. But first, let's see how the jackpot got to it's massive 200 million Euro cap.

EuroMillions Latest Numbers

Friday30 September 2022
1 2 11 16 26 3Luckystar 12Luckystar

Multiple rollovers have taken place since the guaranteed €130 superdraw on November 20th. There were no jackpot winners in that draw, nor any of the three after it.

The jackpot can now remain at the capped 200 million for four draws, with any money that would normally go into the top prize filtering down to the lower prize levels. This means if you match '5+2' numbers your prize will be significantly higher than usual.

Must Win Draw

After the cap has been in place for four draws, the fifth is a 'must be won' draw.

That's where we could be on Friday December 18th if the jackpot isn't won before that!

Enter EuroMillions €200 Draw

Biggest Ever EuroMillions Jackpots

The jackpot has reached the prize cap on five other occasions, as you can see below.

Rank Date Prize in € Prize in £ Prize in CHF Country
1 2017-10-06 190M 170M 218M Spain
2 2019-10-08 190M 170M 206M Great Britain
3 2014-10-24 190M 149M 229M Portugal
4 2012-08-10 190M 148M 228M Great Britain
5 2011-07-12 185M 161M 214M Great Britain
6 2019-02-19 175M 152M 199M Ireland
7 2012-11-13 170M 136M 204M France
8 2016-10-11 168M 153M 184M Belgium
9 2015-11-20 163M 114M 177M Portugal
10 2018-10-02 162M 145M 184M Switzerland

The very first €190 million jackpot was won in 2012 by a couple from England. Notably they received 'only' £148.6 million due to the strength of the Euro currency at the time. Compare this to the British winners of the same Euro amount in 2019, who took home £170 million.

Winners of the maximum amount have also come from Spain (in 2017) and Portugal in 2014.

Biggest Ever Jackpot

The current EuroMillions jackpot sits atop all of these because it was agreed after the last cap was reached to increase it to €200 million.

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Big Winning Numbers

Tuesday19 July 2022
6 23 27 40 41 2Luckystar 12Luckystar
£195,707,000 Won!
Friday15 October 2021
21 26 31 34 49 2Luckystar 5Luckystar
£185,548,000 Won!
Tuesday10 May 2022
3 25 27 28 29 4Luckystar 9Luckystar
£184,262,899 Won!
Friday11 December 2020
6 9 13 24 41 3Luckystar 12Luckystar
£183,120,000 Won!
Friday26 February 2021
6 12 22 29 33 6Luckystar 11Luckystar
£182,028,000 Won!

Biggest Jackpots

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