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US Fisherman catches $1 million lottery win

Every fisherman dreams of a bigger catch and last Tuesday Captain Austin Eubank hooked $1 million on a $20 Mega Cash ticket.

The big win came after Austin stopped off at a convenience store in Wilmington to purchase a drink and decided to gamble on a $20 Mega Cash ticket.

"It's fun to dream about, but you never expect it to you happen to you," he said in a news release.

An occasional lottery player, Austin went on to reveal how he had rung his wife from the parking lot after scratching the ticket and discovering the big win.

"I could tell something was off from his voice," Margaret Eubank said in a release. "He told me, 'I just walked into the gas station and bought a scratch-off.' I was kind of annoyed at first because, of course, he won something. So I asked him how much, not expecting anything big. When he said, 'I think a million,' I couldn't believe it."

The couple who have a young son picked up the winnings on Wednesday, opting to take $600,000 lump sum, which gives them $424,506 after tax witholdings, lottery officials said.

They have yet to make any firm plans for the money but a fishing pole for their 14-month-old son, Baylor is top of the list.

"We are a family who loves to fish," Mararget Eubank told the press.

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