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The greatest stuff-up in the world

Two Australian lottery players who pitch in together to purchase lottery tickets every week have won AUD $1.67million each but describe their lucky win as 'the greatest stuff-up in the world.

Opting to remain anonymous, the two friends from Goolwa, south of Adelaide in Australia, have been sharing the same lottery tickets for some years, each taking it, in turn, to purchase them each week.

The greatest stuff-up in the world began when the pals forgot who's turn it was and both entered with the same winning numbers 12, 21, 10, 2, 1 and 42 with supplementary 13 and 40 for the same draw.

Speaking to the press one of the winners said: "My mate thought it was his turn last week, but it was actually mine and I'd already put it on

"It's incredible that the week we both end up with a ticket, thanks to a mistake, is the week our numbers are drawn.

"And if you knew the two of us, the more likely scenario is that the week our numbers are pulled out of the barrel is the week we'd both forget to buy a ticket."

The winners plan to quit their jobs and retire.

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