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26th February 2019 3:54am

A Canberra man has admitted the agony of waiting to have his $200,000 lotto win confirmed by NSW Lotteries left him suffering a sleepless night on Monday.

Choosing not to reveal his identity the man quickly realized he needn't have worried when a NSW Lotteries official confirmed on Tuesday morning that he had won first prize of $200,000 and also $1000 consolation prize on a Lucky Lotteries ticket.

"I'm absolutely amazed. I'm shocked. I can't believe this!" he told a NSW Lotteries official.

"I really can't think straight at the moment but I think I'll put it away for my retirement," he said.

"I'll spend a little bit on renovations around the house and save the rest."

The lucky shop that sold the ticket, Penney's Paper Shop in Gungahlin have revealed they have sold 12 major prize-winning tickets in 13 years.

Shop owner James Penney said: "That's almost one winner every year so with that type of track record we have to consider ourselves a lucky store."

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