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Mississippi nearing launch of lottery games

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation are nearing the launch of lottery games, a move that is likey to prove popular with taxpayers in the state.Mississippi Lottery

Founded in 2018, the Mississippi Lottery has been watching the steady flow of dollars rolling into neighboring states with interest.

Naturally the newly-created Corporation are keen to make a difference in Mississippi and they could be ready to release their new and exciting first games in just a few months time.

As the lottery will not be funded by taxpayers the next steps are the basically formal procedures of securing a typical bank loan and then the board members can begin to hire staff and put together policy and procedures.

Vice-Chairman of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation Gerard Gibert had this to say: "The first order of business was really to contract with a law firm to provide legal services. That milestone has been achieved and we plan to make that announcement in the next few days. With this law firm contract in place, the board is now able to move forward with securing loans."

Making sure as much money as possible goes towards the state is top priority for the Mississippi Lottery Corporation with the state highway fund and the Education Enhancement fund first to benefit.

"The objective of this corporation and its charter is to maximize profit for the taxpayers in the state of Mississippi, and that's what this board intends to do," said Gilbert.

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