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Mega Millions jackpot reaches astronomical heights

The Mega Millions draw for Friday October 19th has reached the dizzying heights of $1 billion dollars!

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This is uncharted territory for the famous American lottery, and it's caused chaos in shops over there, with a ticket buying frenzy in full swing.

If you took the cash lump sum, you'd receive a cool $565.6 million. If nobody were to win this jackpot, the estimate for next week is a ridiculous $1.6B (yes, $1,600,000,000) - with a cash option of $904.9 million.

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The Mega Millions jackpot has gone through the roof since the drawing on July 24th, when a group of co-workers from California scooped the $543 million jackpot - which at the time was the fourth largest ever.

Mega Millions' previous record jackpot was $656 million, shared by two winners, over six years ago.

One BILLION dollars? Yes please!

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