Massive EuroMillions jackpot still up for grabs

11th December 2020 9:57am

The EuroMillions rolled over once again on Tuesday, meaning Friday's draw will be worth in excess of $240 million.

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This will be the penultimate time the draw takes place before a 'must-win' draw next Friday, if nobody wins the jackpot tonight or on Tuesday.

EuroMillions has now rolled over 12 times since the jackpot was won back on 27th October. While this won't be the biggest jackpot ever in Europe (that accolade goes to Italy's Superenalotto), EuroMillions fever is still hitting the continent.

Must Win Draw

Once the cap of €200 million is reached in the EuroMillions draw, there can only be another five draws before a 'must-win' draw takes place.

There have now been three capped draws without a winner, so if tonight doesn't see a jackpot winner, there will only be two more draws of this size.

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Which Numbers Will Come Out?

That's the $240,000,000 question! We don't know, and if we did we wouldn't tell you!

What we do know is that the numbers below are the hottest and coldest numbers from the last 20 draws.

Last 20 Draws

Main numbers only

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


So why not try your luck and enter the EuroMillions draw for your chance at €200M! You can play from anywhere in the World using ticket buying service

They have been buying tickets since 2002 and have paid out prizes to over 5 million people.

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