One year to claim big lottery prize

18th December 2020 4:38am

Everyone loves to win the lottery. While most are eager to go on a shopping trip one lucky $196,165 prize winner has waited an entire year to come forward to claim his winnings.

John Michalski, who lives in Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada won the impressive prize pot back in December 2019 but has only just come forward and presented his winning ticket to lottery headquarters.

"I wanted to sit back and think," he told lottery officials after finally going to collect the big money cheque. "I'm not in a rush to get the money so I didn't go and get it."

And the winner has no plans to blow it all in one spot. He is as yet still undecided what to do with with the money.

"I'm still thinking. I'm going slow!" he said.

John Michalski's story serves as a reminder that while we can play lotteries online 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year winners only have a certain amount of time to claim prizes on winning tickets.

Ticket expiration dates typically vary from lottery to lottery. If a valid claim is not received within the time frame the prize money is usually passed to good causes.

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