Lottery winner ready to downsize

20th November 2018 10:15am

When Rick Knudsen won the $180 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2014 one of the first purchases he made was dream new home set within 845 acres of land high on a mountain in Oak Glen, California.

Rick Knudsen HouseBut now, four years later the lottery millionaire and his 36 year old son Ricky, who suffers from congenital heart defect say they are ready to make a move and are in the market for something much smaller without cramping their luxury lifestyle.

Looking for a smaller more manageable property Rick is looking at a new 100-acre development on a lower elevation with a single story ranch and believes the move will make a big difference to his sons health, freedom and independence.

"My son enjoys his life up here, he has great freedom," Rick said. "He has a Mule — no, not a donkey, a Kawasaki UTV Mule — that, believe it or not, he has put over 30,000 miles on from just driving all over the property."

And Rick has revealed he is still pinching himself everyday to remind him of his mega win and admits he is incredibly grateful that the lottery was able to give him the financial freedom to invest in long-term investments for his family and to provide them with a secure future.

"Dreams really do come true." He said.

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