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Loose change turns into $4M Pick 6 win

Rather than letting her spare change wander freely around her home, a NJ woman spent the coins on a pair of $1 PIck 6 tickets and one of them hit the $4 million jackpot on Monday.

Wanda M., of Roxbury, put her loose change to good use with the quick pick option for the draw on April 29th at Valero, a gas station on Route 46 in Netcong.

Watching on television at home as her winning numbers 10, 18, 23, 24, 32, 40 and XTRA number 4 were drawn Wanda said she shouted "we won the big one!," when her daughter showed up shortly after.

Mum and daughter wasted no time getting the big win confirmed, they immediately returned to the gas station to get the lucky ticket validated.

Wanda became the third person to beat odds of 13,983,816 to 1 to win the Pick 6 jackpot this year.

Stanley McKelvin won $4.5 million for the February 25th drawing and in January, park ranger, Judith Smith of Bayonne and her children, William Kenneth Lee Smith and Sarah Jude Smith, won $29.5 million in the December 17th drawing.

It's reported the average American has $68 in loose change lying around their home, now could be a good time to dust off that old piggy bank and try your luck on the lottery this week.

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