Kentucky Lottery announce new Win Place Show game

28th August 2020 5:56am

We’re always busy searching for the latest new lottery games to share with our readers so if you are a fan of horse racing we have found you the perfect lotto to play.

The Kentucky Lottery is honouring Kentucky's famous tradition with horse racing by announcing a new game based on real-time horse racing results.

The game, called Win Place Show originally piloted last year when around 45 retailers were invited to take part in an attempt to roll lottery and live sports events together. The game became an overnight success and today the game moves into a prime almost daily slot at 5:00 pm.

"We could not be more delighted to launch our first game in my adopted home state of Kentucky," EquiLottery Games Founder and CEO Brad Cummings said. "Especially at a time when people are looking for safe ways to enjoy live sports, Win Place Show lays the groundwork for a new category where players do not have to be experts to win real money on live events like horse racing."

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Lottery has done a great job at replicating the thrills and excitement of racing and lottery games.

The concept is based on which horses finish in the top three spots of a race.  Win the first prize when you match the top three horses in the exact order, win the second prize when you match the top three horses match in any order, and third when your ticket matches any two of the top three horses in the exact order.

Win Place Show will be offering wins big and small with prizes based on the day's ticket sales. If there is more than one winner in any of the prize categories the cash prize will be shared equally. 

"Given that racing is such a big part of the fabric of Kentucky, we're excited to be the first state to launch Win Place Show," Kentucky Lottery Interim President and CEO Marty Gibbs said. "Increased Kentucky Lottery sales mean more dollars for the college scholarship and grant programs we fund, and we're anxious to see how the game performs in the marketplace."

Exciting times lie ahead for the Kentucky Lottery. They expect to sell $2 million in Win Place Show tickets this fiscal year and with the Kentucky Derby taking place on Saturday 5th September it's likey the game will get off to a flying start. 

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