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It seems some lottery players have all the luck

Some lottery players just seem to have more luck than others and Marilyn and Jimmie Lovelace from Missouri USA are a classic example.

In 2007 the couple got one big lucky hit that changed everything, a $3.7 million lottery prize. Nice, right? Well, their lucky life continued this week, matching four of the five white-ball numbers, plus the Powerball number earning a further $50,000 prize.

Just one number short of collecting the Powerball jackpot the Lovelaces missed out only on the number 8 with their numbers 4, 8, 30, 52, and 59, Powerball number 2 from the draw on September 4th 2019.

In a statement to the Missouri Lottery Jimmie Lovelace said Powerball and Lotto were their favourite lotteries to play and that they often use the Quick Pick option to select their numbers. Their latest winning ticket was purchased at Country Mart, 125 W. Karsch, in Farmington, Missouri.

The Powerball jackpot for the draw on September 4th went to a lucky player who purchased the winning ticket in upstate New York while another player from Virginia got lucky matching all five white-ball numbers for a $1 million prize.

Not fair is it?

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