A new way to play the SuperEnalotto Lottery

22nd August 2022 4:12pm

Sick of your lucky numbers not appearing in the SuperEnalotto lottery draw? Tired of seeing your prayers for a big win go unanswered?

Well, all that can be a thing of the past with Syndicate Play brought to you from theLotter!

Playing as part of a syndicate allows you to enter with a group of players who gather their money to buy loads of lottery tickets together. This increases everybody's chance of winning.

For example, a 100-line syndicate has 100 unique number combinations giving syndicate players 100 chances of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Each syndicate is divided into equal parts, called Shares. The number of shares you purchase will determine the portion of the prize you win.

For example, if a syndicate has 50 total shares, each share will give you 2% of the syndicate prizes (100% divided into 50 equal pieces). The more shares you buy, the larger your portion of the prize will be.

You can do the same with lots of other world lotteries as well at theLotter.

It means you get a much better chance at winning and even though you will have to share any prize with fellow syndicate members you could still be in for a big payday. Especially if you hit the SuperEnalotto jackpot!

This week's massive jackpot will be tempting lottery players from all over the world to get involved in a SuperEnalotto lottery syndicate – with our friends at theLotter.

It’s super easy to get involved. You do not even need to create a group of players for your syndicate theLotter finds the players and sets it all up for you.

There’s a monster €258.3 million on the table for the draw on Tuesday.

Enter and you’re in with a chance of scooping your big share!

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