Hot and Cold Numbers for the upcoming EuroMillions Jackpot

7th December 2020 2:48pm

The EuroMillions draw for Tuesday December 8th is attracting plenty of attention as it's the biggest EuroMillions draw ever at €200 Million.

If you're interested in playing it's worth checking out which numbers have been drawn the most (hot numbers) and which have been drawn the least (cold numbers) recently.

Most Recent Draws

Over the last 20 draws (dating back to September 29th) here are the hot and cold numbers. As you can see, every number has been drawn at least once, but there are plenty that have only come out once over that time.

Last 20 Draws

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


Mathematically, every draw is completely seperate from the last and past results do not indicate future draws, but many people believe that if a number has been drawn so few times, it is more likely to come out sooner than later.

The same works the other way, with numbers that are on a hot streak perhaps less likely to be drawn.

More Historical Results

Let's look a little deeper, and increase the data right back to last Christmas, which is 100 draws. This is when the most hot and cold numbers really start to stand out.

Last 100 Draws

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


As EuroMillions has a guess range of 1-50, you can really see that the low numbers have prevailed, especially over a 12-month period. There are a massive six numbers under 21 that have come out more than anything in the 21+ range.

Conversely, 48 & 49 have barely been drawn over the last year. Especially 48 which has come out of the draw only three times out of 100.

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