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Father rendered speechless by a $10m lottery win

A father of two says he was rendered completely speechless earlier this week by an amazing $10million win on a scratch-off card.

Shell shocked at becoming an instant multi millionaire, James Belich said he was so stunned he was unable to get any words out to tell his wife Emily they had won the top prize on the North Carolina Education Lottery’s Supreme Riches ticket.

Collecting their prize on Monday Emily said: "James was so shocked, all he could do was hold the scratch ticket up in front of my face. Our two boys are too young to really understand. Our oldest is five, and he thinks we won $20."

The lucky couple who beat odds 1 in 3.2million to win, had the enviable task of choosing to take their winnings as 20 $500,000 annuities, or a $6million lump sum. They decided to take the lump sum.

Now $4,245,009 richer after taxes, the Belichs say they plan to pay off their debts, invest, and treat their loved ones.

James who described the win as a blessing said "My mom was a single mom and we are all really, really close. It’s important for me to share this win with them. When I told her, we both just cried."

"We like where we live, it’s great to raise a family. We may buy a few extra rounds for folks when we go out, but this prize will create a brighter future for our kids."

"That’s what’s important. It’s awesome, just a blessing."

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