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Extraordinary week for the UK National Lottery

The UK National lottery has seen a flurry of big winners in recent weeks including a family syndicate winning €175 million on EuroMillions and a lucky Lotto player who has yet to come forward with their amazing ticket worth €10.2m.

"This has been an extraordinary week in the 32-year life of the National Lottery," said Lottery chief executive Dermot Griffin.

"We had our highest ever jackpot prize win with a family syndicate winning an incredible €175 million on EuroMillions."

"Now, just days later, we have a lucky Lotto player who has won this amazing €10.2m prize."

The Rogers family from North Dublin who won €175 million on EuroMillions are getting ready to face the public on Friday, but have spoken to the press about how the massive publicity and new wealth is affecting their usually quiet lives.

"It's like being in jail," said Matt Rogers. His sister Kathleen, who lives in Duleek, said the massive win was "a lot to take in".

Meanwhile the hunt continues for the winner of Saturday's €10.2m prize with Lotto bosses refusing to say where the winning ticket was bought, they are now urging every player to recheck their tickets.

The owner of the shop that sold the Rogers family their winning ticket, Les Reilly from Reilly's Daybreak on Main Street in The Naul was ecstatic to learn he has scooped a €25,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

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