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25th December 2020 10:10am

If there’s one thing Spain does and does well, it's big lottery jackpots and the next one arrives on 6th January 2021 with Loteria del Nino.

Loteria del Nino is one of the biggest annual Spanish lotteries known as the Spanish New Year Lottery.

The lottery will be giving away an impressive sum of €700 million in prizes in total with a whopping €200 million jackpot.

There’s something for nearly everyone because 1 out of every three players will pick up a prize in this exciting Spanish raffle!

Spanish New Year Lottery Ticket

If you fancy trying your luck, here’s everything you need to know about how to play online from almost anywhere in the world.

To enter online all you need to do is go to theLotter and choose one or more shares with a five-digit number from the tickets available.

When purchasing Loteria del Nino ticket shares at theLotter, you are buying 1 or more of the 400 shares available for each unique five-digit number.

At the draw on 6th January, three winning El Nino raffle codes will be generated, creating the 1st division, 2nd division, and 3rd division raffle prizes.

This means that if you win the jackpot prize and you have 1 of the 10 shares, you will receive €200,000 of the €2 million. However, you can buy as many shares as you like!

Buy Spanish Lottery Tickets

There’s no mystery to what makes this Spanish New Year lottery so popular.

1 in 100,000 lucky players will be jackpot winners and if you don’t win the jackpot you may still be lucky enough to win with more than 37,000 winning possibilities on every full ticket.

Thelotter is home to many different global lottery games but one thing remains the same, when you win the winnings are 100% yours!

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