Discover the latest game to hit the Florida Lottery

24th January 2019 4:44am

Discover the latest game to hit the Florida Lottery.

The new game which replaces Lucky Money is called Jackpot Triple Play with Combo and the big launch is next week. Tickets will go on sale from January 30th with drawings taking place on Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:15 p.m, eastern time, starting February 1st.

As the name of the game suggests, players will get a triple chance to win the jackpot. Tickets cost $1 and each ticket has three sets of numbers to match with the winning numbers drawn.

The jackpot starts at a cool $500,000 and has the potential to roll over until it reaches an eyewatering $2 million. Once the $2 million limit has been reached the jackpot rolls down to increase the lower-prize levels in each drawing until the jackpot is won.

Match just three numbers to win from any one line of numbers on your ticket or if you want to increase your chances of winning just add the Combo option for $1 more and you can combine all your numbers to try and match the ones drawn.

The game is being launched in a fanfare of publicity and considering that other states offer similar games for $2 per play, it's expected Jackpot Triple Play Combo will soon become a firm favourite with lottery players.

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