Discover 2 new world lotteries to play online

12th October 2020 9:02am

There are many world lotteries available to play online and this week theLotter has announced two new games that look destined to become future classics.

The lotteries come from Romania and Slovakia. They should appeal to a wide variety of players. Romania Joker draws are held on Thursdays and Sundays while Slovakia Euromiliony draws take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Romania Joker

Lady with Romania Flag

The Romania Joker gives you a taste of the simpler days. The game is played easily by simply selecting 5 main numbers from a guess range of 1-45 and an additional Joker number from a guess range of 1-20.

Joker is certainly an exciting prospect. While the emphasis is clearly on winning the jackpot, as it should be, you can still win a cash prize from a partial match of your lucky numbers.

There are eight prize divisions with the last division requiring you to match only one main number and the Joker number.

If you win the jackpot by matching all the numbers there will be no problems cashing out at least €200,000. This is the amount the jackpot starts at and there is no cap to how high the prize can go!

Play Romania Joker Lotto

Slovakia Euromiliony

Slovakian Flag

We’re seeing quite a few Slovakia lotteries coming on board for overseas players and theLotter have added Slovakia Euromiliony alongside the Slovakian Loto and Loto 5 z 35.

Euromiliony hits the ground running with a starting jackpot of €1,000,000 but as there is no cap, the jackpot can roll over to much higher amounts until it is eventually won.

To play this game choose 7 numbers from 1-33 and an additional number from 1-6 and you might just win a fantastic prize.

If a lottery with a big jackpot and loads of prize divisions is what you’re looking for, then Slovakia Euromiliony has got you covered. The game welcomes players with the chance of a cash prize down 10 levels.

Play Slovakia Euromiliony Lotto

Play online from almost anywhere in the world

Holding the world

Thanks to TheLotter, it is now possible to make secure online ticket purchases for Romania Joker, Slovakia Euromiliony and more lottos worldwide.

The site welcomes players from almost anywhere in the world and works just like buying a ticket at a retailer where you simply choose which lottery to play, select your numbers and purchase lottery tickets.

In addition to the selection of official world lottos, you can try your luck from a great selection of Scratch Card games.

For more information on playing overseas lotteries online visit our How it Works page. If you can't wait to get started go direct to theLotter and start playing world lottos today!

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