Clean up on the Lotto

23rd November 2018 8:00am

Every now and then it's worth taking time out to generally spruce up your home as one lucky couple discovered earlier this week when preparing for Thanksgiving dinner guests.

CleaningHarold and Tina Ehrenberg from Mandeville were doing a super thorough job cleaning the house when they found a five-month-old Louisiana Lotto ticket that they had forgotten to check.

The couple quickly downed cleaning tools to check the numbers against the Lottery's website records. Mrs Ehrenberg called out the numbers while Mr Ehrenberg checked them off and every number was a match!

"We kept checking the numbers again and again," Harold Ehrenberg told Louisiana Lottery officials. "Plus, I called the winning numbers hotline over and over," his wife added.

The prize of $1,274,313 after state and federal taxes had just two weeks left to be claimed so the winning ticket was found in the nick of time.

When asked about their win Mrs Ehrenberg said: "We don't have any plans to buy anything crazy or go on any big trips."

This story alone can make you feel like getting up and starting to clean but even better, play world lotteries at TheLotter and there's no need to be a clean freak because they will contact you if you win!

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