Chris Eubank - I won the lottery in 1984

4th February 2019 1:58am

British former professional boxer Chris Eubank has took to social media claiming he was dupped out of a major lottery win in 1984 before his rise to fame.

Chris EubankThe 52 year old who held the WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles, says he was young and naive at the time of the win and claims the prize should have been over $100,000 for matching 5 of 6 numbers and not the $25 payout he received.

The flamboyant retired boxer, known for his eccentric personality went on to suggest had it not been for the incident he would not have gone on to capture the WBO world title at both middleweight and super middleweight.

Eubank tweeted: “I won the lottery in 1984 at 18 in NYC, I got 5 of 6 numbers and show have won over $100,000.

“The guy in the grocery said it’s five numbers and the payout is $25 and naive me took it.

“If he didn’t cheat me I would have lost my focus to make champion six years later. God is good.”

Unfortunately, some people on Twitter have found the story to be way more fascinating than any fiction story.

“God cheated you out of a lottery win to teach you to keep boxing, a sport you always hated as demeaning? Yep that makes sense.“ said one follower.

“Don’t worry, would you like to enter a lotto syndicate with me? Pay me £100 a week for the jackpot prize of a mop.” said another.

One simply cut to the chase:  “I don’t believe you.”

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