Cash Pop Lottery - Match one number to win

11th December 2019 2:16am

Georgia lottery players are getting festive with a brand new lottery game that offers a chance to win up to $1,250 in cash five times a day, every day, by matching just one number.

Cash Pop Lottery

Cash Pop was rolled out by the Georgia Lottery Corp on Sunday, December 8th with tickets on sale through retail and iLottery channels.

Tickets cost $1, $2, or $5 per play, and you can purchase up to five consecutive drawings.

This simple but exciting lottery requires players to pick one number between 1 and 15 to play. Just match that one number to win a cash prize!

The odds of matching your number to the winning number are 1 in 15.

Players can select one number up to all 15 numbers, this can be done either manually or via a computer that randomly selects numbers known as the Quik Pik option.

We are laser-focused on our mission to maximize revenues for HOPE and Pre-K," Georgia Lottery Corp. President and CEO Gretchen Corbin said. "Cash Pop is a great addition to our portfolio of games, providing a fun, fresh concept for players while generating profits for the important educational programs we fund."

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When is Cash Pop drawn?

How much can I win playing the Cash Pop lottery?

The Cash Pop lottery game offers many smaller prizes, these can be collected at Georgia Lottery retailers statewide.

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