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Boxing Day bonanza for Lotto Max player

Michelle De Roma of Surrey, British Columbia got more than she bargained for when out shopping on Boxing Day.

The mother of three decided to hit the Boxing Day sales and while out shopping she purchased a ticket for the Lotto Max draw which turned out to be a whopping $39,517,071 winner.

"It's my husband's birthday, so it's the perfect gift for him," she said after learning of her win. "I told him that we won the jackpot and he just hugged me and kissed me and he shouted, 'Wow!"

Asked what she was going to spend the money on Michelle said: "I just want a nice house for my kids," she said. "And I want to travel. Everybody wants to travel."

Michelle beat the odds of one in 28,633,528 to win the haul of cash, she used quick pick to select the numbers and plans to carry on playing the lottery.

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