National Lottery Rolldown Prizes

21st October 2020 10:55am

Playing the lottery is all about winning big and from 7th November the UK National Lottery is making it easier to win big prizes during a rolldown draw.

A rolldown draw is where the fun begins and the prizes get bigger. Once the jackpot reaches its cap the prize has to be won giving players a chance to win extra cash.

Under the new rolldown rules, players who match just 2 numbers will be deemed eligible for £5 and a free Lucky Dip ticket to play the next draw.

And of course, anyone matching numbers will see their prize amount increased.

Win Win

A spokesman from the National Lottery said "Our job at Camelot is to grow sales in a socially-responsible way to ensure that we deliver as much money as possible for Good Causes.

To help us do that, we regularly review our products to ensure that we’re continuing to offer a balanced and appealing range of distinct games that offers something for everyone.

The Lotto Rolldown feature has proven popular with our players since it was added in November 2018, with millions of players benefiting from boosted prizes in these rolldowns.

But we’re always looking at ways to make our games even better, and one thing that Match 2 winners were regularly telling us was that they wanted a share of the jackpot too.

So, from Saturday, November 7, when we have a rolldown, everyone could scoop a share. As well as their free Lucky Dip, Match 2 winners will win £5.

This update to Lotto will mean that, on average, 1.1 million players matching two main numbers in a Lotto Rolldown will also experience the excitement of a boosted prize and share of the jackpot."

Mobiles and Apps

A new and free National Lottery app will be launched on 5th November as part of the new rolldown rules so you will need to upgrade if you purchase tickets on your device.

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