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$2m Lottery ticket is hands down the best gift ever

A $2m winning lottery ticket has got to be hands down the best gift ever received!

Melissa Spagnola's parents don't buy gifts for family members, instead they buy lottery tickets and in a dramatic turn of events Melissa's recent gift turned out to worth a monster $2,000,000.

After receiving the $20 gifted lottery scratch off ticket a "100X The Bucks" Melissa from New Jersey played the game.

Not being a regular lottery player Melissa was unsure if she had won anything so she showed the ticket to her parents who are regular lottery players and was left reeling after they told her she had infact revealed a $2,000,000 cash prize.

"Everyone was in shock once my parents confirmed the win, my sister even burst into tears." said Melissa when asked about how the family reacted to the big win.

The Spagnola family have since used some of the money to take a vacation to the Bahamas while Melissa plans to secure her own future financially... after she has shared some of the windfall with her parents of course!

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