Play the Spanish Christmas lottery

15th December 2022 9:31am

Christmas is here and that can only mean one thing - the Spanish Christmas lottery is pumped full of cash to give away on 22nd December.

The lottery is absolutely massive, it is the biggest lottery event in the world and now you can play online from anywhere in the world.

Tickets are on sale online at theLotter from right now up until a few hours before the draw takes place.

There's going to be thousands of winners with prize-winning odds starting at just 1 in 10.

Christmas cash

So, how does the Spanish Christmas lottery work?

There are 100,000 5-digit codes available on tickets in total, and 180 copies of each of these tickets.

Tickets are made up of 10 shares each and you can purchase as many shares as you want.

If your ticket wins a prize in the raffle draw, you win a percentage of that prize based on how many shares you purchased.

Spanish Christmas lottery tickets

How to play the Spanish Christmas lottery

Choose which of the available 5-digit ticket shares shown online at theLotter you wish to play.

Next to each scanned ticket you can see the number of available shares. Click Shuffle to see additional 5-digit ticket shares available for purchase.

Choose how many shares you wish to purchase and click Play to buy your tickets.

Santa with cash

Did we mention that exclusively at theLotter, you will get a huge discount when you purchase two or more shares?

So, roll up, roll up! Every player who purchases two or more shares to the Spanish Christmas lottery online at theLotter will get a discount on the price of tickets instantly!

The Spanish Christmas lottery is literally guaranteeing there will be thousands of winners and every person playing gets the chance to win top prize of €4 million.

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